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Dr. Larry Emmott is one of the most entertaining speakers in dentistry and is considered the leading dental high tech authority in the country and with over thirty years of experience as a practicing general dentist. His high energy programs provide the tools needed to make wise technological decisions, saving time and thousands of dollars.

He is the founder and director of Emmott on Technology, LLC, a dental computer consulting company; he provides high tech dental consulting for dentists and the dental industry, helping companies develop and implement new technology to enhance the dental profession. Dr. Larry Emmott’s mission is to help dentists make good technology choices.

Dr. Emmott has addressed hundreds of professional groups in the US and Canada and has been a featured speaker at every major US dental meeting.

He has written three books on using technology in the dental office; and is a featured contributor to the ADA book “Expert Business Strategies”. In addition, Emmott has been published hundreds of times in leading national dental magazines

He was a pioneer in online publishing with his blog and has been recognized as one of the top ten dentists in social media.

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