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Meet the D.R.E.A.

The DREA was started in 1972 as a study club for members of the 143rd Dental Company (AS). It was expanded over time and now includes former and retired members of the dental company as well as active Reserve members.

It was expanded in scope and became the current Symposium to include any dentist that wanted to take advantage of the inexpensive CE units. It has grown to be the second largest dental meeting in the State of Utah right after the UDA Convention.

In 2005 most of the dentists in the 143rd were deployed to Iraq for the summer. We have included a few pictures from that trip on this page.

From 17 September 2011 to 6 June 2013 the 143rd mobilized  a Detachment to Kuwait for back to back deployments. It consisted of 22 members of the unit with Dr Alston as the Commander. He normally is in charge of the website and credit cards and registration. Thanks for bearing with us in those areas while he was in Kuwait. Several other doctors from the unit rotated to Kuwait and Afghanistan to provide the dental services for our soldiers deployed during that time..

Everyone is home now and the unit is continuing it's humanitarian missions to countries like American Somoa, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay and for the 4th time they went to the Dominican Republic in 2014.

They have also served in Germany and Alaska as well as many Indian Reservations in the US.
Members of the 143rd at Balad Iraq fall 2005
FOB Speicher Dental Clinic  Outside
FOB Speicher Dental Clinic inside
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